2016 Cell Phone Monitoring Software

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2016-cell-phone-monitoring-software.jpgCell phone monitoring software has become so popular that its number increases year after year yet functionality-wise quite a number can only deliver what it promises. Virtuoso minds behind the software are all competitive in trying to win over as much users as they could to patronize their product.

As choices may be outnumbered, there remain to be constants who as of writing, continuously receive plausible reviews online due to it 's the manner of quality features served.

2016 Top 3 Cell Phone Monitoring Software

It could have been five or more but to be more rigid these three has catered fittingly to its users ever since the day cell phone monitoring software began up to this year.

  1. Highster Mobile
  2. AutoForward Spy
  3. DDI Utilities

The following are the features of each software together with its selling price.


Definitely the best remote cell phone spy software the market has offered. It is compatible to all versions of Android and Apple devices without the need for jail breaking. Sold at only $29.99, you can experience first hand information from target phone, transferred virtually on the control panel found in your phone. Plus, it has a working customer service during weekdays which readily assists you in times of technical difficulties.

It can monitor cell phone activities such as:

  • Calls
  • Sent and received messages (even deleted ones)
  • GPS location
  • Incoming and outgoing emails
  • browsing details of visited websites
  • photos
  • videos
  • contacts
  • social media engagements

It allows you to see device status, remotely uninstall profane apps, capture target 's surroundings, lock target phone, have predesignated search alerts, and block apps if found inappropriate for target use.


Offered at $69.99 payable annually, Auto Forward Spy is viable for those who hate monthly charges and prefer one-time payment. It come with free lifetime upgrades without hidden charges and fees. It is like Highster Mobile, compatible with any device and does not require iPhone jail breaking.

Its features include monitoring:

  • text messages (even deleted ones)
  • iMessages
  • calls (call recording is possible)
  • emails
  • GPS location within 50ft of actual location
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Web browser
  • Social media sites

It can also lock device if stolen, uninstall apps, has a stealth camera, profanity alerts, and enables device diagnostics.


This is a remote spy software cell phone involved that anyone who likes to have best of both worlds in a single download. Meaning, data extraction and recovery made possible. Works on both android and apple but unlike Auto Forward Spy and Highster Mobile, DDI requires jailbreak. Its price is the same as Highster Mobile, very reasonable and cheap given how useful it could be.

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