4 Reasons iPhones Are the Best Smartphones Even for Best Cell Phone Spy Software

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Many people opt to jailbreak their iPhones mainly to be able to install important apps like best cell phone spy software. The fact that iPhone users jailbreak their devices doesn’t mean they’re unhappy with the performance of their smartphones. That’s because believe it or not, iPhone is still the best smartphone in the market today.

Here are the biggest reasons why this Apple device remains unbeatable when it comes to both hardware and software:

1. Better software and hardware integration

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come with an amazing new feature that cannot be found on any Android device. With the 3D Touch display makes it very easy to take action from the home screen because it senses pressure really well. By long pressing on a particular app icon, you can go to the app directly from the home screen.

2. Excellent cameras

Whatever model of iPhone you have, you should agree that it produces quality photos with vibrant colors. The newest models, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, are equipped with a much sharper 12-MP camera along with 4K video capture. These new iPhones are perfect for taking selfies as well. And if you are to install a best spyware for cell phones on an iPhone, you’d surely love the photos you can take remotely.

3. iPhones are the easiest devices to use.

Android phone makers never stopped trying to make their devices easier to use, but despite all their efforts, there is no doubt that the iPhone is still the more user-friendly phone on the planet. There are no separate app drawers or overlays that will make it hard for you to access your apps. Some would complain about the fact that the very first iPhone and the latest one look almost the same. But for many, this is an advantage because its simplicity just works for them.

4. Family Sharing is the best.

Another thing many people love about the iPhone is the Family Sharing feature. With this function, everyone can share the purchases made by one iPhone user from the App Store. Up to 6 people can share the same purchases. Users can also share photo albums and the calendar so everyone knows about the schedule of each other. With the help of the “Ask to Buy” feature, parents can also keep track of what their kids are downloading or attempting to purchase.

Does Jailbreaking an iPhone Affect Its Quality?

Of course, Apple does not approve of jailbreaking iOS devices, particularly an iPhone. As an iPhone user, however, you have the freedom to do so, especially if the reason is to install the spying text messages. While jailbreaking the device won’t affect its quality, the security features set by Apple on its devices may be compromised.

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