4 Ways of Using the Best Cell Phone Tracker and Technology to Motivate Employees

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Most people in the workforce don’t like it when their employers secretly spy on cell phone to monitor employee performance. For many of us, this is an act of ‘invading one’s privacy’ and should not be implemented in the workplace. Business owners disagree, though, because they believe that for as long as spying on one’s cell phone is done in order to ensure employee productivity, it’s always acceptable.

But how about motivation? How can business leaders motivate their workers to do their jobs well? Isn’t there a way to use technology to boost employee motivation and engagement? Well, of course, this is possible. Employers should embrace more technology in the workplace as this can help increase workers’ motivation and productivity.

Here’s what business owners should do:

1. Encourage collaboration and increase sharing.

Businesses today are taking advantage of cloud-based file sharing tools, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The use of this technology can help employees get their tasks done more easily as they don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for documents and files in disorganized shared drives. To make sure employees don’t access and share confidential company information, employees can make use of the best cell phone tracker.

2. Evaluate individual performance.

As a business owner, you want to know who among your people are performing well, and who are performing poorly. One way you can do this is to use talent management software to have a clear idea of your workers’ individual performance. Another thing you can do is to use cell phone spyware to spy any cell phone used in the workplace. Through cell phone spying, you will know if your team is using their time efficiently, or they’re just wasting it.

3. Give and ask for feedback.

Feedbacks are very important in the workplace, not just for employers, but for employees, too. Through instant feedback mechanisms, employee motivation and engagement can be improved significantly because employees are consistently guided in the right direction. It also gives employees the opportunity to offer suggestions, which management can use for improving the conditions in the workplace.

4. Offer flexibility.

No employee would want to bring their work home with them. There are times, however, that it would be necessary. What employers can do is use mobile apps that allow employees to gain the flexibility they need especially in terms of file sharing and accessibility. Again, information breach can be prevented with the help of the best cell phone tracker.


Using technology in the workplace is vital for improving employee motivation and productivity. Thus, businesses should allow their employees to use mobile devices and mobile apps for increased performance and efficiency. And for employee monitoring, Highster Mobile is the best cell phone tracker to use.

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