An Eye for an Eye

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images (2)As parents we have a lot of fears... a lot. But none more so than the imagine ingrained into all of our psyches of our kids being attacked while at school. Whether that imagine is of kids turning on other kids like at Columbine or the lone disturbed weirdo like at Newtown, for today 's parents schools have been cast into the ever growing list of dangerous places.

How did this happen?

Some point to the growing power of lobbying groups such as NRA(National Rifle Association), NSSF(National Shooting Sports Foundation) who since the eighties have been chipping away at gun laws and regulations.

Bills such as the Brady Bill and the establishment of National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) that were meant to ensure background checks have been weighed down with provisions that have rendered them nearly useless. For example, proof of a previous background can be used to bypass a NICS check. No matter how old.

You would think such tragedies would entice the general public to demand the tightening of background check loopholes and for lawmakers to create legislation to prohibit mentally disturbed individuals stricter access to weapons and ammunition. Instead we 've seen the opposite. The solution was a call for more guns.

Is that the logic of an educated civilized society? In a nation that has backed off of corporal punishment in schools and frowns on parents who spank, we have circled back to the idea of fighting violence with more violence?

It was shocking to watch, after the massacre at Newton our elected government officials resistance to cull access to firearms. Surely even the NRA can see the dangers of allowing persons suffering from mental illness and psychotic episodes such access. But no, in the aftermath of Newtown NRA presidentWayne LaPierre gave a speech asserting the need for more guns. Saying, that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. La Pierre went on to blame the states for not controlling mentally disturbed persons and video games for the rise in mass shootings. Even in the aftermath of 26 people being brutally gunned down, 20 of which were elementary school children, LaPierre promotes the philosophy of guns before people. No regulations. No apologies. Just his solution of armed daycares and schools sponsored by trigger happy NRA gun nuts. Sound like a good idea to you? Well, it doesn 't to me. Especially since, statistically speaking children are far safer at school than anywhere else, even then at home.

It was as President Obama said, in 2013, "A pretty shameful day," after the Senate blocked, one by one, efforts to require common sense background checks, military styled assault rifles, and limit the size of ammunition magazines.

I don 't know about you but I am beyond sick of reading about kids getting killed.
Maybe it 's time we turn from violent solutions towards technology. There are a bevy of spy software apps that monitor smartphone devices, such as Highster mobile and mSpy. Designed with the intent of keeping our kids safe. Perhaps having our school gates and entrances linked directly to our police stations would make better sense than gun toting guards. The world is only as dangerous as we allow it and as Gandhi famously said, "An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind."

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