Best Jailbreak Tweaks to Enhance Your iPhone Experience

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sAs an iPhone user, I 'm sure you are quite satisfied with the way Apple has been making sure you get all the apps and software that you need to have the best mobile phone experience. However, many people still seem to be very unhappy with all these, and so they keep looking for ways to jailbreak their iPhones so they could enjoy the many apps and tweaks around. If you haven 't tried jailbreaking your iPhone and are actually curious about its advantages, you should know first what the best iPhone tweaks can do. Then you can decide if you really need an app jailbreak iPhone.


If you are using an older version of iPhone, such as iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or another, you may still enjoy your phone 's camera at a resolution that 's the same as that of an iPhone 6 using this tweak.


This iPhone jailbreak tweak if perfect for those who want some really good file viewer and manager for the iPhone. This app makes it so much easier to edit text files, which is something you may have a need for in the future.

Springtomize 3

Using this iPhone jailbreak tweak, you will be able to customize almost all of the aspects of your iPhone. For example, you can add to number of app that can be placed in the dock. This tweak also makes it possible for use a coverflow effect on the dock.


Using this tweak, you can perform actions just by using the shortcuts in your iOS. What you will love about this app also is that it offers unlimited shortcuts so it will be easier to use your iPhone.

iCaughtU Pro

With this app, it becomes impossible to turn off your iPhone. Thus, it can help you easily find your device in case it goes missing. This tweak can also take a photo of whoever is trying to turn your phone off. You will then receive an email containing the photo as well as the GPS location of the device.

Auxo 3

This is one of the best jailbreak apps iPhone 4 and comes with the Quick Switcher which allows you to switch among different apps and close the apps that are running in the background.


This is definitely one of the best tweaks out there also when it comes to using the Reach feature of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This app allows users of iOS 8 to utilize 2 apps at the same time on a single screen.

How Do I Jailbreak An Iphone 4?

If you 're looking for a way to jailbreak your iPhone now, you need to check out Jailbreak Unlock. It is a reliable app jailbreak iPhone that also allows you to jailbreak multiple iPhones using the same license key.

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