The Biggest Tech Failures of the 2010s

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Tech Failures.jpgNot all tech is created equal. While every developer has high hopes for the technology they develop, sometimes the tech they release to the market misses the market severely. Whether it 's because the product failed to catch on with consumers, was rushed to market, or was poorly designed, some tech is doomed to fail from the beginning. These recent tech failures show that even modern developers and companies are capable of producing utter shlock.

The Google Glass

Wearables are among the hottest pieces of portable tech. The Google Glass seemed like it could do no wrong, at least not at first. The novel glasses allowed users to record video, view emails and social media accounts, and so on all with relative ease. But there were several flaws that plagued the Google Glass. Consumers weren 't a fan of its clunky, unfashionable design. The product 's high price ($1,500) scared off everyone but Google diehards who had cash to burn. Add in the fact that it had a low battery life, wasn 't as helpful as promised and the Google Glass died a swift death with no apparent plans to bring it back any time soon.

Windows 8

To say that Windows 8 didn 't get a lot of love from PC users is an underestimate on par with saying that the passengers on the Titanic got very wet. Windows 8 was an operating system designed for all of Microsoft 's products: from laptops to tablets. While it sounded fine on paper, the operating system, which relied extensively on ‘live tiles ', or apps, was confusing to figure out. It alienated diehard Windows fans by removing popular features such as the Start menu and a rampart array of technical issues certainly didn 't help. It 's worth noting that within just a couple years, Microsoft released Windows 8.1, soon followed by Windows 10 to make good with Windows users.


Color seemed to have everything going for it. It had over $40 million in funding. It had a catchy name. The only thing this photo sharing app was missing? Users who cared. Color was designed as a social app where users could easily share photos with their friends. But few people downloaded the app and those who did reported extensive bugs and technical issues. Color imploded after that, imparting investors with a cautionary tale about what apps are wise investment decisions.

Google Buzz

More proof that Google isn 't always magic. Google Buzz was billed as a social experience that would work in tandem with Gmail. Users could share statuses, photos, and more. But just like Google+, Google Buzz failed to catch on. Initially announced in 2010, the feature was killed off in 2011. Users were apathetic about Google Buzz and concerns about privacy left everyone apathetic about the fate of Google Buzz. Google, for that matter, just hasn 't had a lot of luck with social networks, between Google Wave and Google+.

3-D TV

Movies like Avatar lead the designers behind the first 3-D TVs to believe that consumers were willing to watch live television in 3-D. But as it turned out, consumers hated 3-D TVs. Along with requiring viewers to wear bulky glasses (as we 've learned from the Google Glass, bulky glasses are the fastest way to kill an idea), the 3-D TVs were prohibitively expensive, caused headaches, couldn 't be watched by young children, and added no significant benefit for television viewers, especially since adding 3-D layers to action intensive programming could distort and make images less precise. 3-D TVs are now dead and gone, having never found their footing in today 's market.

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