How Can Your Children Remove Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

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Factory Reset.jpgChildren are inquisitive and highly intelligent beings. Despite your best efforts at protecting them by installing spy text messages app, the little ones are capable of identifying ways for removing the programs. Children exchange information all the time with their peers, thus increasing the chances of finding the software and removing it. Moreover, the fact that children can access the Internet makes it possible for them to learn the tricks for removing the software.

Therefore, you have to learn the ways your kids can remove the software, which include:

Factory Reset

Yes, your children can perform a factory reset on the Smartphone thus eliminating the text message spy Android that you installed. Performing the reset is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that the phone is free of all unwanted software. Your child might perform the reset without any outside help. The child might take the phone to one of the local suppliers and pay for the reset. Factory reset is possible on all types of phones including:

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iPhone

The danger with the factory reset, which your child might or might not know, is that it returns the phone to the exact condition it was in when leaving the factory. Resetting the phone is dangerous if a backup of its content is not available. The reset removes all the data that you stored in the phone. The reset removes all the apps as well as software that you ever installed in the phone. For this reason, you should warn your child about resetting the phone without informing you.

Operating System Update

Updating the phone 's Operating System is the second method that your child can use to remove the text message spy iPhone. This method is not as extreme as a factory reset. For example, updating the OS does not remove the apps that you installed in the phone. Updating the OS doesn 't remove any data that is in the phone. Updating the data, however, removes the software that you installed to spy on your child.

Updating the OS works where the software is specific to the operating system on the phone. In this regard, changing the OS makes the software obsolete and incapable of performing any task. Consequently, you need to check the phone periodically to see whether the little one changed or updated the OS. Do this the moment you realize that the software does not transmit the right information as it once did.

Don 't wait until it 's too late to inform your child about the dangers of updating the Operating System. Be proactive by informing him about these risks much earlier. In case you don 't know, some of the dangers associated with updating Operating System in mobile phones include the following:

  • Removes Rooting in Android phones
  • Removes Jailbreak in iPhones
  • Removing Batteries

In many instances, your child could opt to remove the battery from the phone, especially when not using it. When this happens, you 'll have no way of monitoring his use of the phone. In many instances, some children prefer switching the phone off although this rarely works. Therefore, you should not worry when the phone is off. You should be concerned when the child removes the battery completely from the phone, thus rendering the software useless for some time.

Lastly, don 't install the cell phone monitoring software before learning the different ways that your child can render it ineffective. Stay ahead of anything that your child can do to make the software ineffective. Set the software up so that it makes it impossible for your child to install any app on the phone. The moment the software stops relaying the information as it should, ask the child for the phone to check it for factory reset or updated Operating System.

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