How to find an old schoolmate contacts through Hero Searches

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28784gradThere is no guarantee that you will stay in touch with all your school mates. Once you part ways, everybody goes their own way and the chances of meeting are not always guaranteed. Some may start families almost immediately, some may join the army, and some may be business people and all sorts of other things. After my college education, I got a job and immediately got my own place. One day as I was coming from job, I bumped into a friend of mine whom we went to college together. I must say that the feeling was quite mutual for both of us as we were both excited to see each other again. Her name is Mary. We exchanged contacts and agreed to keep in touch. One day Mary calls me and asks that we meet after job to which I agreed. There was a lot to catch up on so we chat for long. In the middle of our conversations, we would find ourselves talking about our college life and how much we missed it. We also mentioned how we should have used a background search free to connect sooner.


Just like me, she had not heard from any of her college mates and I was the first one. That was when the idea for a get together came in mind. We thought of having a reunion with all our college mates so we could meet and catch up. The only problem was where to start since we did not have any of our college mates ' numbers. Since it was getting late, we had to end our meeting but promised to try and find out about our friends ' ware about and meet again to discuss the same. That night before calling it a day, I decided to go check if there was a way I could find my friends. During my search I came across Hero searches. Oh was I glad to bump into it. I found that I could use it to find all contacts of my long lost friends. With just their names, I could finally find out where they were and get their contacts as well.


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That night I remember I slept very late as I could not wait to try it out. I was able to find almost everyone 's contact that I could think about. I saved all of them in my note book and went to rest. Our next meeting with Mary was the following week. When we finally met, I could not wait to break this amazing news to her. She was just as excited as I when I discovered how to find person by phone number. So we made various calls to some of the number we had. Many could not recognize us from the phone. Some were bewildered while some were surprised that we called. What we did next was to send each other friend requests on Facebook and created a page for the event. We asked everyone to try and spread the word to anyone else they knew that we could not reach. As the days went on, the reunion 's date finally came near and we could not wait to meet everyone else. Most of our friends were able to make it while some could not due to unavoidable circumstances. Despite that, everything else went well. We had a lot of fun, laughed a lot as we got to know what each had been up to. I must say that background check free criminal record really saved the day. Thanks to it, we were able to find our friends and arrange that wonderful event. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to catch up with an old friend or to simply find out information about anyone.

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