Can the Best Mobile Spy Keep Children Safe from the Dangers of YouTube?

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Best Cellphonespyapps.jpgOne of the most important reasons why the best mobile spy software has to be installed on every child’s and teenager’s smartphone is to prevent them from misusing videos and YouTube. It’s true that despite the good intentions of young people in using YouTube, they are still likely to post videos that could be harmful to them and other people. When this happens to your child, there’s no way you can just sit back and relax. You have to do something about it.

Make a YouTube Video Private

If you’re concerned that YouTube makes personal information easily exposed and viewable to the public, you’ve got two options. Ask your child to make the video ‘private’ or make it ‘unlisted’. By default, all videos uploaded to YouTube are set to ‘public’. However, when you upload a video and fill out information about it, you will find a section named Broadcasting and Sharing Options. You will find under this section the options for setting the video to either unlisted or private.

When a video is made private, this limits access to the video. This means that the video can only be seen by the one who made it and up to 50 other people invited by the owner of the video. Private videos will also not appear on your teen’s video channel, in playlists, or even in search results. If you’re using the best spy software for Android phones, you’ll see that this method is effective for hiding videos that contain personal information about your child and your family.

Take the Video Out of YouTube

There are instances where the videos posted on YouTube must be removed permanently. If you feel like making the video private or unlisted isn’t enough, you can ask your child to remove it. If your teen refuses to remove the video, there’s something you can do.

You can use YouTube’s Flag function. YouTube has clear and strict guidelines for all the content on their website. You can flag those inappropriate videos by simply clicking on the flag button under the video. After clicking the flag, you will see a dropdown menu where you can choose the reason why you are reporting the video.

Talk to Your Child about the Dangers of YouTube

The best way for you to protect your child from the dangers of social media and YouTube is to talk to your child to make him or her understand why it’s important to be responsible in posting videos on YouTube. Should you decide to monitor your child’s internet activities, an excellent option is to use best spyware for Android phones from Highster Mobile. Using this spyware, you’ll be able to track the kinds of videos your child is uploading, so you may take the necessary action.

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