Cell Phone Spy App Softwares in Detail for Dummies

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detail-for-dummies.jpgAre you planning on purchasing a cell phone spy app for the purpose of checking the mobile activities of someone close to you? If yes, you need to weigh the qualities and features you need to look for in order to get your money 's worth on such software. Proper deliberation on your part can help you get the full benefit of a mobile monitoring app that is capable of giving you the most satisfactory information you want to take hold of.

Before Anything Else... What Is a Spy App?

Spy apps come in different names and labels. You might hear it being called in labels such as "mobile monitoring app," "spy app," "mobile spy," "cell phone spy software" and a whole lot more.

Typically, a spy app is capable of getting information from the target phone without having to access it personally. Hence, tracking becomes a possible and easy job. All you need to do is install the software on the target phone (though there are other brands which differ in terms of their installation process), access a remote dashboard and eventually view and gather information you want to obtain.

Information That Can Be Gathered

The best free cell phone spy app softwares don 't really have much to offer when it comes to tracking. Normally, they are offered as time trial options for individuals who want to try out a specific brand before going premium.

However, budget-wise, they are at a major advantage since there is no need to pay for anything. Plus, free cell phone spy apps are good options to take just for trying out a specific brand.

Premium access apps on the other hand are capable of obtaining information such as text messages, calls, emails, 3rd party app details, browser history, social media activity and even phone location with the help of a GPS tracking system.

Modes of Installation

Spy apps have different modes of installation depending on their brand. However, they can be categorized into these four major categories:

  1. Installation via Personal Access – As the name suggests, you need to access the mobile device and install it personally on the phone.
  2. Installation via Personal Access with Jailbreak –Mostly, iPhones need to undergo the jailbreaking process in order for the app to be installed. iOS devices have stricter security software compared to Android phones.
  3. Installation via iCloud –Here, there is a need to acquire the username and password of the iCloud account which needs to be monitored.
  4. Newer Installation Versions –Bluetooth cell phone spy apps, email-installed apps and a whole lot more fall into this category.

Basically, more and more spy apps offer innovative ways in terms of tracking and installation. Detailed knowledge of the features and capabilities of the app should be taken into account to get better monitoring results.

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