Cell Phone Spy Cam Apps: The Cheaper Alternative on Investigating

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phone spy cam.jpgParents have discovered cell phone spy cam apps as cheaper alternatives on "investigating" their teenagers. It is a given nowadays how these group of kids tend to be the most vulnerable in terms of technological influences. Though there are positive implications, one of which happens to be the most viable in emergency situations that is the ease in communication; we must not forget how adversely it affected teenagers today. That 's why as parents, you have to keep an eye on them, wherever they may be.

Cell phone addiction on teenagers

When we talk about technology, cell phone and internet instantly comes to mind. Take how teenagers utilize and are adversely affected by it; they bring their phones anywhere and check on it from time to time that experts link it to too much dependency or in other words, addiction. Cell phone addiction ruined the complete essence of the way teens are communicating. The typical day-to-day socializing with friends or having to talk about personal thoughts to a family member has been replaced by constant messenger chats and feelings vented on social media accounts. It seems that the more exposed they are to technological access, the harder it is for parents to understand their actions as well as cope with daily activities. This is where cellphone spywares works best; as it enables parents to investigate whereabouts of your teens in real-time, without having to get hold of their phones.

DDI Utilities and Highster Mobile Software

Commonly, investigating means hiring an expert to do monitoring but as parents who always seek for what 's cheaper but still works just the same, cell phone spywares is the answer. Knowingly though, today 's market gives us too many options but I would recommend DDI Utilities and Highster Mobile the most. DDI because it enables the monitoring of contacts, pictures, call histories, multimedia messages, imessages, text messages, photos, videos, voicemail, calendar, notes, application files, and saved games. It is also one of the top mobile backup and recovery software programs with over one million users. Plus, its customer service hotline is very much available in case you 'll need their assistance on its installation. On the other hand, Highster Mobile because not only is it a cell phone spy app for iphone(jailbreak not needed) but also it remotely accesses text messages (old and deleted even), imessages, call recording and history, gps location, email browser history, multimedia files, and social media. Plus! It enables you to lock phone if your teen 's stolen and uninstall superfluous apps teens installed, in real-time.

Imagine the amount of information brought about by these apps and how it eventually makes you as parents aware of whatever is going on with your teens. Everything you need to know is within your reach.

You get what you pay for

Be cautious of cell phone spy apps free that are offered online; most of which crashes before you even access data. Don 't expect the same quality features with that of DDI and Highster Mobile. Know that DDI is sold at $19.99 per month while Highster Mobile is offered at $ 29.99 monthly (cancel anytime). Both conveniently work on Android and Apple devices. I would suggest that you do some research via their official websites in order to compare features; whichever suits your needs and budget well. Bear in mind that utmost protection for your teens is the main point of purchasing spywares so there 's basically no room for compromising their safety.

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