How to Check If Your Cell Phone Spy Program Is Non-trackable

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non-trackable.jpgYou finally decided to try a cell phone spy program. But, there is one more thing that 's been bothering you. That is, you wanted to be sure that the spy app of your choice remains discreet on the target phone you are monitoring. How do you check if your spy app is definitely a "spy program" and not the type to make itself known on the phone you are currently tracking? Here are some tips.

Try Out These Ways to See If the App Remains Un-trackable

Before anything else, you need to know that every spy app is different from each other in terms of their mode of installation, algorithms, features and specifications. Plus, a cell phone spy software iPhone tracker might also differ from its Android counterpart.

Despite all these, you can try out these tips and see which one work best in your situation.

  1. Learn about the app 's mode of installation. A cell phone spy remote install app surely has more advantage when it comes to installation simply because there is no need to borrow the target phone from its owner. If you have no intention of letting the owner know about the monitoring, borrowing the phone is a serious give away.
  1. Check your App Store or Google Store. Does the app show on the list or not? Several spy app brands aren 't listed in these stores for a good reason. This doesn 't give away information to target phone owners that there are tracking programs running on their phones.
  1. Check the app list of the target phone. Mobile phones would usually have a setting which displays all the current apps that are running on the device. A good spy app should remain undetectable and as much as possible, it shouldn 't display itself on the list to ensure that it remains discreet and unnoticeable.
  1. Learn about the features of the spy app before purchasing it. Find out if there are information on how the app is displayed on the target phone. Does it appear in the name of a tracking software? Or is it masked in another label, far from its original category?
  1. Find out how the app works on the phone. How is tracking done? If yes, does it consume too much data and battery on the target phone? Know that a great spy app shouldn 't eat too much data space on a device. First, it is annoying to the target phone owner. Second, it will prompt the owner to uninstall the app especially if it shows up the app list (even if it is masked in another category or label).

Keep these tips in mind when utilizing a spy app program. Also, make sure to review local laws to prevent breaching policies on privacy.

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