Child 's Drastic Behavioral Change? Let Brickhouse Cell Phone Spy Apps Help You!

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cell-phone-spy.jpgThere are different brands of brickhouse cell phone spy apps offered in the market that will help monitor child 's whereabouts and better understand the reasons behind his drastic behavioral change. Considering influences of current technological advancements, cell phone and internet usage has become part of every child 's daily activity. It could now be measured as a need from what used to be just a want.

A child who has access to technology could be easily recognized through his constant mobile use whenever, wherever. His attention span shortens as well as his sociability. He would rather face his phone all day long than talk to his peers or whoever he 's with. It makes you curious on how fast his mood changes when he interacts with no one but his phone. You can just imagine the amount of information you 'll be able to extract from it using a spy app.

Auto Forward Spy Features

One of the best spy apps for cell phones is Auto Forward Spy; the only app (together with Highster Mobile) that enables tracing of text messages even deleted ones—complete with sender, time and date of receiving. Also allows access to your child 's call recording, social media accounts monitoring, GPS location tracking with a 5-minute tracking interval, incoming and outgoing calls, email, contacts monitoring, browser history access and a stealth camera that allows you to capture live photos of surroundings. From here, you will be able to see searches, posts and messages that could give you a hint on reasons for those drastic behavioral changes. All these may be observed virtually on your phone through a control panel. Auto Forward Spy works on both Apple (no jailbreak needed) and Android devices. It is offered at a very reasonable price of $29.99 a month which you can cancel anytime!Make sure it is a paid app though if you want remote access of information at real-time without any hassle.

How to download

Auto Forward Spy is delivered via digital download and can be activated on the target device within minutes after successful installation. There are three basic steps to using this app:

  1. Download — Over-The-Air (OTA) link is used to download the app
  2. Activate — From the Auto Forward package, key-in license code to activate
  3. Monitor — Start monitoring your child 's (target) phone and info extracted goes straight to the control panel found on your phone

Other concerns

The above-mentioned answers the question: "Can I spy on a cell phone?" But don 't forget some privacy concerns that go with its use. Being a parent, having to provide your child with a cell phone for personal purposes, technically, you are entitled to monitor him especially if he is of legal age. Although legalities may vary depending on your location, a little research won 't hurt.

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