Consequences of Workplace Romances and the Role of Phone Spy Monitoring

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preventing-office-romance.jpgIt isn’t uncommon for companies these days to impose employee monitoring using various tools like phone spy software in an aim to improve employee performance and productivity. But did you know that this technology can also help companies monitor and prevent workplace romance?

Many organizations have rules forbidding their members from getting into a romantic relationship with each other. This is because they are aware of the adverse consequences that come with sexualized work relationships.

What Are Workplace Romances?

A workplace romance is a relationship between people who are working together in the same company. This kind of relationship naturally involves sexual attraction, whether it is made known to others or not. According to studies, workplace romances have been transformed by technology, like computers and social networks which can be used to exchange personal information. Thus, by using phone spy software, these kinds of relationships can be detected and monitored.

Effects of Workplace Romances on Organizations

There are many reasons why romances among employees are not favorable to employers. Here are some of them:

Role Conflict

Role conflicts normally occur because varying role behaviors are required in the same situation. This kind of conflict may cause complaints, favoritism, and unequal allocation of resources. Role conflict can have seriously affect employee morale, communication, cooperation, and trust.

Reduced Productivity

Companies care a lot about productivity, which is why they are likely to use phone spy software for monitoring. And when there is role conflict, this can affect employee motivation and productivity. Romances in the workplace may also cause hostility in work groups, which then leads to poor production.

Increased Possibility of Favoritism

This issue can be particularly troublesome when the people involved in a romantic relationship are at different levels in the hierarchy of the organization. It’s very likely that other group members will be quick to accuse favoritism. This can result in hostility, gossip, failure to cooperate, and information shutdown.

Sexual Harassment

This is perhaps the most serious consequence of workplace romances. Organizations just can’t take the risk of facing charges of sexual harassment because this can have severely damaging effects to the company’s reputation.

How to Stop Workplace Romances?

There are several things organizations do to discourage employees from entering romantic relationships with anyone from work. Basically, there should be a written policy regarding this, which should also clearly state the consequences of such acts.

In many cell phone spy software reviews, it appears that employers are also using Highster Mobile cell phone spy to detect romantic relationships in the workplace. Using such software, employers can view text message exchanges, phone calls, emails, and even instant messages among coworkers. Thus, cell phone spying makes it easier for companies to know whether or not workplace romances exist in the organization or not.

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