Crucial Signs of Cyberbullying You Can Detect Using Text Message Spy Software

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Cyberbullying.jpgFor many parents, text message spy software is a tool that can help end their endless wondering of whether their children are being cyber-bullied or are being a cyberbully. In this day and age where young people can’t seem to survive without their mobile devices and the Internet, it’s become pretty common to see cases of cyberbullying. Despite the known negative effects of cyberbullying on children, it’s sad that not too much is being done to stop it. Thus, it’s very important for parents like you to be aggressive in securing your kids.

Signs that your teen might be a cyberbully

  • Closes or switches off cell phone screens whenever you pass by
  • Spends many hours a day using his or her cell phone or the computer
  • Uses the Internet in private browsing mode
  • Creates fake social network accounts to conceal his or her identity (you may confirm these secret social media accounts by using apps for spying on text messages)
  • Always refuses to talk about what he or she is doing online

Signs that your teen might be a victim of cyberbullying

  • Suddenly stops using his or her cell phone
  • Appears to be nervous when receiving a social media or text message notification
  • Hides all online and cell phone activity
  • Consistently refuses to take part in any social interaction
  • Has some sudden changes in behavior

How to Effectively Talk to Your Child about Cyberbullying

  • Initiate a friendly discussion with your child.

If there are obvious signs that your child is being bullied or being a bully, it’s time that you discuss it with your child. Make sure, however, that you throw so many accusations at your child. You should use a friendly tone when talking to your child to take away his or her fear of talking to you.

  • Avoid making any assumptions.

Although your observations clearly say that your child is being bullied or being a victim of bullying, you must not make any assumptions until your child confirms anything. Whether or not your child is guilty, the important thing is for you to hear his or her side of the story.

  • Make your child feel your presence and support.

Teens, especially, are very impulsive and are likely to make decisions without thinking about the possible effects of their actions. This is their nature, and so, parents play a very important role in guiding their children. You need to make your child feel that no matter what they are going through in life, you will always be there to understand, support, and love them.

  • Be open about cell phone monitoring.

If you’re seriously thinking about installing Highster Mobile on your child’s phone to intercept text messages, it’s a good idea to let them know about the monitoring. You don’t necessarily have to talk about the cell phone spy, but just let them know how much you want to monitor their cell phone and online activity to ensure their safety.

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