Features of a Cell Phone Monitoring Software

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Monitoring Software.jpgCell phone monitoring software is a program that is used to conduct surveillance on someone else 's mobile device activity. Surveillance here entails monitoring their location, calls, texts, emails, photos and videos among others. To work, the cell phone monitoring software needs to be installed in the spy on iphone text messages which you intend to track. Cell phone monitoring software have different features, based on their capabilities. Here are some of the features of cell phone monitoring software.

Remote monitoring

This means that the monitoring happens over a wireless connection. The target and the source don 't have to be in the same location for the cell phone monitoring software to work. After the initial connection has been made, the need to be together is eliminated. Data will be sent wirelessly over to the main control regardless of the parties ' individual locations.

GPS tracking

Here, the spy phone app monitoring software uses the device 's location feature to tell where the device is, effectively telling their geographical position. The device 's real-time movements can be tracked and recent movements can also be seen. These details can be seen on a map and they are very accurate.

Internet browsing history access

This feature of the cell phone tracking software gives access to a list of all the websites accessed by the mobile device using its browser. Again, this record will be delivered remotely to the dashboard where all the details are contained.

Monitoring emails

All electronic mails sent and received can be seen through the use of the cell phone monitoring software. Details like the content of the email, the sender or the recipient of the email as well as the date the email was sent can all be seen. This can be really helpful especially if the message details are of importance.

Access to files stored on the phone

If it is in the phone 's storage, the cell phone monitoring software will give you access to it. This includes files such as videos, contact information, photos, calendars, music and so on. Just as long as it is on the phone, it can be accessed.

Access to detailed call logs

Through the cell phone monitoring software, you can view the record of every call made and received on the target phone. The details will be in the form of: time the call was made or received, call duration, the number of times a particular number was called and the number of times calls from a specific number were received.

These are just the basic features offered by most cell phone monitoring software. There are other advanced features but these are usually offered at an additional cost. Some of these additional capabilities are quite advanced hence the additional cost attached to them. They include;

Call recording

Here, the cell phone monitoring software will allow you to record actual phone callsand even keep them for playback later. However, to obtain them for playback you will need to download them onto another device with that capability.

Monitor activities on social sites

With some capabilities, you can get access to the target mobile phone 's online accounts. The cell phone monitoring software will let you see who they engage online and what activities they participate in online.

View installed mobile applications

This feature goes a step further and actually gives you entry onto the phone 's installed applications. Using the cell phone monitoring software, you can access application details and even go as far blocking access to some of them. This feature is especially useful for parents who are keen on censoring the content their children get exposed to.


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