Free Cell Phone Spying Is Not the Only Way to Stop Workplace Theft

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Workplace Theft.jpgAccording to statistics, employee theft can cost the economy at least $200 billion every year, and this is seen as an important reason why companies have begun performing free cell phone spying on their employees. In an aim to stop stealing in the workplace, many business owners and managers have decided to use various types of surveillance systems.

In one study led by a strategy professor named Lamar Pierce, it was proven that surveillance really works. When restaurants began installing monitoring software in the work area, which are designed to send theft alerts to restaurant managers, revenue went up by almost 7 percent. Because of the monitoring, servers ended up giving out fewer free drinks, and they became more focused on doing their jobs.

Although there are numerous free cell phone spy apps for iPhone in the market today, which means that companies don’t need to acquire additional costs for this system, there are other less risky and costly means for eliminating employee theft.

Building Trust

According to business experts, it’s vital for employers to establish good relationships with their employees. Managers need to focus not just on making their people more productive, but also on how to gain their employees’ trust.

To prevent employees from stealing, for instance, managers may consider allowing employees to have access to company resources which are often stolen. By setting rules and policies on the consumption of these resources, employees will know their limitations as well.

Building trust between employers and employees is an effective strategy for stopping theft, and it can also prevent certain complications of surveillance, including:

Distrust – when an employee is monitored, this sends a very clear message that he or she is not being trusted. As a result, this employee develops a feeling of resentment, which can lead to low morale and motivation.

Managers become suspicious – when managers are given the authority to monitor employees, they are likely to focus more on watching over their people, instead of the things they need to do that will benefit the organization. Also, these managers may end up being cynical and untrusting.

Theft when nobody’s watching – surveillance at work may also cause employees to think of other ways to steal so they won’t get caught. Although employee monitoring can prevent theft in most parts of the organization, it may not be able to totally eradicate this culture among workers.


Surveillance and the use of free cell phone spy without target phone has its place in an organization, but it shouldn’t be the only strategy to be used for preventing theft at work. As mentioned earlier, employers must focus more on how they can build trust with their employees as this is the most effective way of motivating people.

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