How Can I Read My Boyfriends Text Messages without Having His Phone?

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cheating-boyfriend.jpgIf you’re starting to ask yourself something like “how can I read my boyfriends text messages without having his phone?” you’re certainly in a relationship where there is distrust. Contrary to what many of us believe, distrust in relationships isn’t cause by just a single breach of trust. What causes a person to lose trust in his or her significant partner are smaller instances that happen over time. Several broken promises, patterns of unreliability or uncaring behavior give one person a lot of reasons to doubt the loyalty of their partner.

A person does not lose trust overnight. Instead, distrust develops continuously in stages. By being able to recognize what these stages are, you get a better chance of finding a solution to the problem before it causes bigger damage to the relationship. That way also, you may put a stop to the lingering question in your head – how can I read my girlfriends text messages without having her phone?

Stage 1 – DOUBT

When you start having a sense of doubt, you begin to experience some uncertainty about your partner’s trustworthiness, and this causes you to think a lot. There could be a nagging doubt in your subconscious that you find hard to ignore, or you just feel that something’s not right but you can’t pinpoint what the problem is.


When unresolved, doubt can lead to suspicion, which is believing in something but not having any proof. Perhaps you started to recognize a pattern of behavior that causes you to lose trust, but you don’t have any proof that will enable you to make a conclusion. It’s your trust radar that is saying something isn’t right.

Stage 3 – ANXIETY

Anxiety is the third stage of distrust. This is when you feel uneasy or apprehensive, and it is manifested physically. When you have to spend a lot of time with your partner whom you don’t trust, it’s very likely that you will experience a rapid heartbeat, nervousness, anger, and even disgust.

Stage 4 – FEAR

When you reach this point of distrust, you will be too scared to show weakness and vulnerability. Perhaps you have witnessed repeated breaches of trust, so you’re starting to distrust the other person. At this stage, you will feel afraid even for your own emotional wellbeing.


Because of the fear that you have experienced, you now feel that you have to protect yourself. You begin to put up walls between you and your partner to prevent him or her from getting close to you and hurting you again.

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