How to Ethically and Legally Monitor Employees

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images (2)Employers have a legal right to track various activities by employees who are using company mobile devices and computers. But still, the question is whether or not employers should monitor employees ' emailing, web surfing, and even cell phone usage? This is a very tricky question, actually, because we have to look at not only the right of an employer to use monitoring tools like spy app phone, but also the right of employees to privacy.

Likely Effects of Employee Monitoring

There are a couple of reasons why employee monitoring is necessary and beneficial. First of all, it 's an excellent method for protecting the company from theft, especially of confidential information. It also helps verify employee compliance with company regulations. And of course, it helps boost productivity.

Despite the benefits of mobile phone monitoring to employers, there are potential pitfalls businesses should be aware of as well. Basically, employee monitoring can lead to a morale problem in the workplace. Employees may think you are distrustful, and this can affect their performance at work. And of course, employees can claim that you are violating their rights to privacy. So as a business owner, what can you do to solve this dilemma?

Follow These Tips on How to Protect Your Business the Legal Way

#1 Create office policies

When it comes to keeping an eye your employees, you don 't necessarily have to know how to spy on text messages without the phone. Before anything else, you need to make sure that your workers understand their responsibilities and right when it comes to doing their job. Employers should then explain why there is a need for monitoring. Don 't forget also that a policy should explain in detail how monitoring will be done and how gathered data will be stored or destroyed.

#2 Have transparency in the workplace

You 've got to make your employees understand the reasons why you need to implement specific policies and monitoring systems. By having transparency and informing your employees about your monitoring activities, you are protecting yourself also against any legal and morale issues that may arise. Also, you should encourage your staff to use their home computers and personal smartphones for private communications.

#3 Choose appropriate monitoring tools

There are a variety of products and tools that are made for monitoring networks, computers and mobile devices. When it comes to mobile phone monitoring, Highster Mobile spy is a highly recommended brand. It performs cell phone spying and monitoring in a dignified manner. Plus, all data gathered are stored in a secure server that only you have access to. Highster Mobile also comes with a variety of monitoring features you can choose from according to the type of data you want to gather.

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