How to Monitor Text Messages on Both Android and iPhone User

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Monitor Text Messages.jpgMobile phone monitoring software has been considered a must-have especially on the aspect of maintaining a person 's safety and welfare. This kind of software makes it possible to monitor a phone user 's activity after it has been installed and downloaded. You will be able to monitor text messages, check call logs, view web history and listen to phone conversations which are necessary to make sure that someone is away from harm and at the exact place they claim to be. Though privacy can be an issue with these types of softwares, it is important to give a comprehensive explanation of the intent why this monitoring software has been installed in the first place.

Currently the phone industry has two major types of devices that people take hold of. These are the Android and Apple devices. A lot of phone falls on the Android category making up the majority of mobile devices sold in the market today, while on the other hand, iPhone comes in second. This article will explain more about the usage of this monitoring software on both devices.

How to Spy on Android Devices

Is it possible to spy on text messages on an Android phone? The answer is a hundred percent Yes. Truth of the matter is, mobile phone monitoring software has been created first to cater Android users since they belong to the majority. At first,certain controversies came up because of privacy issues that surfaced. However later on, monitoring apps have proven to be a great tool in maintaining someone 's safety and security.

The great thing about the Android operating system is the fact that it is easier to configure. It doesn 't have very complex kind of security systemscompared to iOS.

You just have to follow the easy steps on the proper installation and downloading of the mobile phone monitoring software of choice. All you have to do is to enter your license key, the mobile number of the phone you want to monitor and press the activation code and you are good to go. After this, you will then be directed to a live control panel. This live control panel acts as your ‘headquarters ' for all the information you need.

How to Spy on iPhone

The installation and downloading on Apple devices area little bit complicated compared to Android. The iPhone device needs to be jailbroken first before you can install your mobile phone monitoring software. However, there are also monitoring apps that function even without jailbreaking an Apple device. These apps are already compatible with iPhone devices.

After installation on both Android and iPhone devices, you will be able to see literally everything that happens on the cell phone. The information included here are call and text logs, web history, phone call conversations and images being shared or received. Text message spy on Verizon networks work the same as that with AT&T and Cricket, especially if you are living in the United States. You just have to make sure that you have a proper internet connection so that there would be no problem. Overall, spy monitoring apps are great investments to take once they are used for better purposes.

Highster Mobile is a powerful mobile monitoring software that is backed with countless features for remote tracking and monitoring. It is one of the leading brands in the mobile tracking software category.

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