How to Spy on an iPhone without Jailbreak or Access

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How to Spy on an iPhone without Jailbreak 

Here 's a story that should concern anyone who relies on a cell phone-which is almost everyone. Did you know that your iPhone could be bugged? Right now? It could! And the person spying on your phone doesn 't have to be some anonymous hacker or member of a governmental spy ring. It could be the person closest to you. The person you trust the most.

It 's true, you don 't have to be a James Bond villain in order to be targeted by on your iPhone. You just have to know someone with very little scruples. It is absolutely possible to connect remotely with your cell phone, without ever touching it, over the Internet and tap in a few simple commands with a spy app purchased online. If you think that that couldn 't happen to you, then think again-because I 'm telling you, it most surely can.

Samantha Wyss never thought someone would spy on her iPhone, but that 's exactly what happened. Her ex-boyfriend had used an inexpensive iPhone spy app to see almost everything that she had on her phone-her texts, pictures, emails, calls, social media activity-even six months after they broke up! And he did it all without ever having Samantha 's phone in his possession.

She 's not the only one. Carla Montoya thought she had the best job ever until she learned that her creepy boss had been spying on her with the company iPhone she was given. He was viewing every photo, video and text that she was sending and receiving-even after hours! He even tracked her location to a club one night via GPS just so he could "accidentally" bump into her.

The app they used is called DDI Utilities, and it 's being touted as one of the best mobile spy apps on the market today for its reliability, ease-of-use, and inexpensiveness. It 's also being given great praise for its ability to be installed on an iPhone without jailbreaking it and without having possession of it.

Apple devices have long been impervious to most spy apps because of the need to jailbreak the device before a spy app could be installed-but that 's not the case with DDI.

Jailbreaking is a process of altering a phone 's operating system to allow apps from places other than the Apple Store to be downloaded and installed to the phone. With DDI Utilities, you know longer need to jailbreak the phone.

DDI is a utility app for mobile devices that has been adapted by a hacker to spy on an iPhone without having to jailbreak it or have access to it. DDI is recognized as the industry leader in iPhone No-Jailbreak spy software. They are estimated to have sold over 500,000 copies of their cell phone spy and No-Jailbreak software for iPhones and iPads, both here in the U.S. and abroad.

DDI is not the only spyware product on the market by the way. I personally found more than a half dozen like it online, but for much higher prices (DDI costs just $29.99). And none seemed to have the sterling reputation that DDI Utilities has. They have seriously established themselves as the leader in this technology. Apparently people prefer it for good reason, because despite my efforts, I couldn 't find any negative words about them.

DDI claims to be able to retrieve all information stored on an iPhone or iPad, regardless of the iOS that the phone is running. Among the data that can be collected by their program is:

  • Text messages
  • Calls
  • GPS location
  • Photos and Videos
  • Browser History
  • emails
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Diagnostic information
  • Installed apps

DDI even claims to have the ability to retrieve old and deleted text messages, photos and videos from the device.

When you consider the sheer power and stealth of this program, you can begin to understand why people choose it to spy. "I was so scared when I found out my ex was spying on me," said Samantha "It was like something out of a movie. I 'm still getting chills when I think about all that he was seeing."

"I can imagine what a great help it could be to put DDI on the phone of someone that you care about," said Carla Montoya, "but the way my boss did it?"

People have different rationales and motivations to spy on an iPhone without jailbreak. If you want to discover the secrets of how to spy on an iPhone without jailbreak, you 'll benefit from our quick and practical guide.

While a jailbreak may be necessary for some forms of iPhone spying, our guide will focus on processes which may be performed without jailbreaking or unlocking the device. This can be valuable if you want to be as secretive as possible when performing an iPhone spy.

Consider a Spyware Program

Software programs such as DDI Utilities, which is known as spyware, have the capacity to provide you with a lot of information about what an iPhone owner is doing with his or her mobile device. Sometimes, parents use these programs without their kids ' knowledge, in order to ensure that their children aren 't being targeted by predators. Suspicious partners may also choose spyware in order to see who their significant others are texting or which websites they are visiting. Possession of the phone is not needed when using a No-Jailbreak program.

Spyware programs are out there in abundance and they should come with instructions about how to install them so that they are undetectable by a smartphone 's owner. When you use some types of spyware, you 'll be able to read texts, browse Web histories and gather other important information.

Get the Phone 's Apple ID

Spyware programs are definitely the strongest option in spying on iPhones in terms of being stealthy and in offering access to a range of interesting facts. However, some programs of this type may require the input of an Apple ID and password. If you 're interested in taking advantage of all that spyware programs have to offer, be sure to find the smartphone owner 's Apple ID and password.

This may be stored on their phone or stored with iPhone package materials, such as a box and instruction manual. This tip is designed to help you get the data that you want, without any hassles or headaches.

Check Out the Phone Yourself

There may be times when you have access to a smartphone without the owner 's knowledge. For example, if you are suspicious of a romantic partner, you may wish to check his or her cell phone while your partner sleeps or takes a shower. It 's important to erase any signs that you were there. This means erasing a browsing history if you go online with the phone etc.

Be careful not to read any unread texts, etc. as the smartphone owner may realize these new texts were accessed by you before he or she saw them. As long as you 're careful, you should be able to check out older texts, emails, browsing histories and photographs without being detected. However, there is always the risk that you 'll be found out.

Bear in mind that installing spyware is a risk too. While spyware programs are virtually undetectable, a very tech-savvy smart phone owner may be able to find them.

Reasons you might not want to jailbreak an iPhone could be different, depending on who you are, but some top reasons could be that it can make your phone crash, impede your phone 's ability to update, or force you to restore the phone back to factory settings. Another reason is that you may find jailbreak apps to be too pricey. If you need help, we 'll walk you through the most common jailbreak methods so that you 're informed enough to choose the method which is right for your needs.

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