Important Cell Phone Policies for Your Workplace and When to Use Cell Phone Spy Software

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Cell Phone Policies.jpgEmployers have many valid reasons for wanting to install apps to spy on text messages iPhone of their employees. For one, data theft is very common in the workplace today, not to mention the fact that workers are likely to be unproductive due to overuse of cell phones during work hours. But not all employees are willing to have their mobile devices monitored by their employees. They say that it’s a violation of their right to privacy. As a business owner, how can you address both the needs of your employees and your business as well?

Create a Clear Cell Phone Policy

The policies you’re going to see below should be adapted to the specific work environment and culture of your company to ensure that they will work to your advantage.

  1. Employees should only be allowed to make personal phone calls during breaks or lunch times. If your workers refuse to have cell phone spy software installed on their devices, they must make sure that they’re going to use their phones for personal purposes only during breaks.
  2. Lengthy and frequent phone calls are considered unacceptable because they can affect workers’ productivity.
  3. If employees need to receive a phone call, they should speak quietly so as not to disturb other employees. They should also reserve intimate details for non-work periods.
  4. All cell phone use must never include offensive, obscene, prejudicial, or discriminatory language. Employees need to be discouraged from making jokes and other inappropriate remarks about a person’s sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, color, religion, age and disability.
  5. Personal phone must not be allowed to be used for business-related calls. Likewise, business phones must not be used for personal calls or text messages.
  6. Employees must be discouraged from using cell phone cameras during work time to protect the privacy of other employees and the employer as well.

A different set of policies should be created and applied for those employees on the road. As a business owner, you are aware of the possible misuse and abuse of cell phones of field employees. Those who spend a lot of time outside of the office are also likely to waste a lot of time because they are unmonitored. In this case, using a phone detective to monitor their location and activities is very reasonable.

The best thing about cell phone spy software is that it does not only make it easy for employers to monitor their workers, but it also helps keep company resources safe and secure. By installing Highster Mobile spyware on your workers’ phones, you are able to check what information is downloaded and shared by your employees. This cell phone spy app also enables you to track the location of your field employees in real time.

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