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Closeup portrait of business colleagues holding each other and laughingHave you lost touch with someone? Would you like to get in touch again but don 't have the slightest idea on where to start? A background check is what you need. In life, you don 't always have the privilege of keeping all your friends. At one point in life people just lose track of each other. After high school for instance, everyone goes to a university or college of their choice which may be miles away. If you happen to lose contact with any of those, it may be hard for you to find them again but not when you are using public searches. They can help one find a lot of information about a loved one than you can imagine in such a short time. They include:


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Birth records

A lot of people who use this service mainly do so to find birth information about a person. Many of these tools may not allow you to see the actually birth certificate but you can at least find out their full names, their birth date and location where they were born. You just need the full name of that person, enter it into the search button and you get the information you are looking for. Be sure to have at least two names and if you can all there for you to get details of the exact person. Also try using a reverse number lookup cell phone.

Death records

When performing a search about someone and can 't seem to find them, you could check in the death records. To do this you will need their full names, their date of birth or at least have an idea of how old they are to narrow down your search results. There are a lot of free public search records that you can use to find this. If you don 't find them there then you might need a paid option to get this information.





Marriage/divorce certificate

The process of finding a marriage or divorce records is pretty much the same as finding a birth or death certificate about a loved one. You will be able to view these records only at the county or state level. If you want to have the copy of any of these, you will need to go to the county clerk 's office to have it.

Census records

When you want to dig information about the census of a particular state or county, public search records is the place to start. There you will be able to find the income level of a place, population and demographic statistics.

If you ever relocate to a new state, you should be able to view rules and laws governing that state online. For instance, when it comes to use of some drugs like tobacco and alcohol, there are states that don 't allow their people to use such. To avoid finding yourself in the wrong side of the law, it would be better if you have such information at hand prior the relocation.

Having information like the full name, phone number and date of birth about a loved one or a friend can go a long way in helping you find any information about them when need arises. For some of these search records, you may need to pay a fee to have a copy sent to you so read through first before you decide to use it. There is no denying that a criminal record check online can come in handy when it comes to finding vital information. Some of them can only be used to find some specific information while others can be used to find almost any information needed.


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