How to Install Monitoring Software on a BlackBerry Phone

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BlackBerry Phone.jpgWhile most Blackberry phones now run the Android operating system, it 's a known fact that BlackBerry still supports the old BlackBerry operating system. You or your child may be using a phone that still runs the BlackBerry operating system and in that case, you may have noticed that installing monitoring software isn 't always the same straight-forward process that you can expect with installing it on an Android or an iPhone.

But luckily, it 's pretty simple once you get a handle on what you 're supposed to do. Here 's how to install monitoring software on a BlackBerry.

Things to Consider

First, not all text message spy apps programs offer users the ability to monitor phones running BlackBerry OS so keep this in mind before you purchase and attempt to download the software.

You 'll also want to consider the device you have and the version of the operating system you 're attempting to run. In general, your best bet is to use a device running between BlackBerry OS 4.2 to 7.1. If your BlackBerry runs an operating system that falls between those two, you 're good to go. How do you check? Hop to the main menu by pressing the BlackBerry button and visit Settings. Select the Options folder and select About. This will let you know what operating system you 're running as well as the model of phone you have. Once you 've confirmed your operating system is compatible, proceed with the installation.

Downloading and Installing the Software

Luckily, actually installing the software is a lot simpler than you might think at first. The key is following the instructions available in the software and considering the phone and operating system you have while attempting to install it.

These instructions may vary based on the software you choose to purchase but in general, your next step is to open up your web browser. Visit the URL that your spy sms software gave you for accessing the product download.

Download the software. When prompted, you 'll be asked to visit the Download Setup menu. You 'll need to make sure you check the Set Application Permissions box in order to successfully download the software. Change all items in the Permissions screen to Allow access to all requested featured including Wi-Fi, Internet, and Server Network. The download will then proceed as planned.

You may be prompted to reboot your device in order to complete the installation. Make sure you 've done this. Your phone may then auto-start. This is all part of the process.

Sometimes, you might be asked again for application permissions relating to the cell phone monitoring software. Say ‘yes ' and allow. This will be the only time going forward that you should be asked to allow permissions for the cell phone monitoring software but be sure you 've selected the ‘Do Not Ask Again ' box in the application permissions prompt.

Once the software has finished downloading, perform a hard reset of your device, which can be done by removing your battery while the device is still on and putting it back in after 30 seconds.

Now that the software has finished downloading and has been installed on your device, open up the software 's app page. Agree to terms and conditions, log into your account, and set up your access pin, which you 'll use every time you log into the software in the future, when prompted.

You have now successfully installed spy on boyfriend text messages software on your BlackBerry phone and are now good to go. Give yourself a pat on the back. Sit back, relax, and let the software start logging data on the target phone.

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