How to Legally Use Cell Phone Spy Free in the Workplace

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how-to-legally-use-cell-phone-spy-free-in-the-workplace.jpgThe use of CCTV and other surveillance tools like cell phone spy free in the workplace has raised a number of important issues related to data privacy not only for the employer, but for the employee as well. Although employees have a right to privacy in the workplace, there must still be a balance between such rights of an employee and the interests of an employer.

When it comes to their right to protect their confidential business data, it is every employer’s right to perform surveillance and monitoring on its employees. It should be clear to employers, however, that any monitoring activity they perform should not serve as an intrusion into the privacy of a worker.

Obligations of an Employer

It’s important that employers provide their workers with a clear, accurate, and readily accessible statement of policy regarding the use of the Internet, smartphones, emails, and social media in the workplace. Such statement of policy must clearly define the extent to which workers are allowed to utilize their own or the company’s communication facilities.

Internet Use in the Workplace

The following elements are recommended to be part of the internet use policy of a company:

  • The employer must explain clearly to employees the conditions where private use of the internet is allowed. Employees also need to be informed about which websites or content must not be viewed or copied while at work. Employees should know that with the help of the cell phone spy equipment, employers can monitor what websites are being accessed using company computers and Internet.
  • Employees must be made aware of the systems to be used to prevent access to specific websites and to track misuse of the company Internet. The policy also has to specify how the collected data from spy software iPhone will be used.
  • Employees must be informed about their right to choose a representative in the implementation of such policy as well as in the investigation of breaches in the future.

If an employer decides to implement monitoring or surveillance of communications in the workplace, the purposes and reasons for such a decision must be explained and made clear to employees. Employers also need to clearly identify and explain the details of surveillance measures, so that everyone is aware of whatever is happening around them.

The Bottom Line

As an employer, you have a right to use internet or cell phone spy camera to monitor how your employees are using the Internet and their company-owned cell phones. But then again, it is your employees’ right to know that they are being monitored or tracked. Thus, it’s recommended that you let your workers know about the cell phone monitoring you are doing just to ensure that you are not violating their right to privacy.

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