Most Dangerous Apps for Children That You Can Detect Using the Best Phone Spyware

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bestcellphone.jpgMany parents now believe that installing the best phone spy software for Android on their children’s smartphone is a huge necessity. That’s because today, the bad guys aren’t just at the bus stop anymore. Many sexual predators are just waiting for a chance to prey on children, and they do this online. Exposure to sexually inappropriate images and videos, and cyber bullying are additional concerns for parents.

There are thousands of mobile apps available on the Internet, and children are free to download all of them. So which ones are your kids downloading? Parents need to be aware of the dangerous apps that online predators might be using to attack their young victims. Thanks to the best phone spyware like Highster Mobile, you can now monitor what apps are being downloaded and installed on your child’s smartphone.

Below are some of the most dangerous apps you must not allow your children to use:

Whisper – Using this app, children can post secrets online without revealing their identity. It also allows users to chat with other users who are in the same geographic area.

Danger: It’s never safe to let children communicate with strangers online. This app can be used by ill-minded strangers who want to connect with innocent children.

YikYak – Users of this app can post comments anonymously. The comments they post can be accessed by up to 500 people within a 5 mile radius. According to psychiatrists, this app is very dangerous as it can create chat rooms in which every member can post comments in anonymity.

Danger: This app is currently used by many students to maliciously slander teachers, other students, and even school staff.

Kik – This is an app-based texting service that lets users send pictures and texts without them being recorded or logged in the phone history. This app works much like WhatsApp and Viber.

Danger: This app makes it so much easier for children to people online without your knowledge because they don’t need to use SMS to send messages. This is also an excellent tool for sexting.

Snapchat – This app enables users to capture a video or an image, which can be made available to recipients but only for a short period of time. When the time limit is up, the picture or video will automatically disappear forever.

Danger: This is an excellent tool for children to exchange sexually inappropriate images or videos. This app makes it easy for young people to engage in sexting.

The good thing about Highster Mobile text spy is that it enables you to view and access all the apps installed on your child’s phone. Thus, no texts, images or videos will be hidden from you. This is such a powerful tool you can use to make sure your child is not getting himself in trouble online.

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