Powerline Media Review: Effective & Reliable SEO Company

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Powerline Media Review: Effective & Reliable SEO Company | Best Cell Phone Spy Apps 

With the amount of digital marketing firms out there today, it 's hard to find reliable, legitimate SEO companies who will take care of your business. That 's why I want to take the time to highlight how great Powerline Media is at doing their job.


If you run a blog or have a website in general then you know how hard it is to earn consistent traffic to your site if you don 't already have an established audience. To boost the visibility of BCPSA, I decided that I wanted to hire a search engine optimization company to take care of it for me. After browsing the web for way too long, I made what felt like a million phone calls to SEO agencies, sat through endless consultations, and did an insane amount of research to find "the one."


Well, that "one" ended up being Powerline Media.



Here 's how the whole on-boarding process went down:


The consultation process was easy and painless. I filled out the form on their website to schedule a consultation and find out how expensive a digital campaign with them would cost. It didn’t take long before I was on the phone speaking to a representative.


He asked a few key questions, like what my goals were, the type of keywords I was hoping to eventually rank for, etc. Other companies hounded me with 100 questions and tried to explain SEO to me, and to be honest, I really didn 't care… I already knew a basic foundation of it and just wanted results.


The Powerline rep made it clear that I would see growth in 30 days but I wouldn 't see any significant changes like first page rankings like other firms online promise. Although it was initially disappointing to hear, it made perfect sense… "SEO is a long-term process. It takes some time to penetrate Google 's algorithm and start seeing results, but this WILL pay off and you 'll see visible improvements in a few months," he reassured me.


After our phone call (which probably would have been shorter if I didn 't ask questions), we ended our conversation. I thought about it for a little while before I realized what I needed to do.


So I hired Powerline Media, and the rest is history!


If you need a concrete (data) example as to why you should hire them too, here 's one reason that I hold near and dear to my heart:


This one article on my blog that poses the question of ‘can you spy on a cell phone without having access to the phone ' had been ranking in the second position on Google for MONTHS. Whether it 's my ego or wanting a few thousand more views to my site every month month by getting that top SERP ranking, I don 't know... but I posed this challenge to the Powerline team in the first phone call after I officially hired them. My account manager said they would do some competitive analyses and see what they 'd have to do to get me in that first spot. I then received a strategy proposal that was delivered with confidence.


Well, within the FIRST MONTH of utilizing their services, my site ranks in the #1 spot when you search for "cell phone spy" in Google, either on desktop or your phone!!


See for yourself (or type it into your own browser):


It felt like a miracle. I couldn 't believe my eyes when I punched it into Google and saw the results. But what I CAN believe is that that out of the 19K keywords I rank for right now, that keyword ALONE regularly brings in thousands views to my site each month!


I will absolutely keep paying an affordable amount every month to make sure my site is earning as many views as possible through organic search. It feels good to know I can sit back and watch my traffic go up while there 's a team out there fighting for it to happen!


In conclusion...


Stop scrolling through the SERPs and making phone calls to random SEO firms who probably can 't get you where you need to be. Give Powerline Media a call and see how they can get you ranking for keywords and boost your site traffic like they did for me. Don 't forget to say Pat from bestcellphonespyapps.org referred you. 🙂


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