Protect Your Kids from the Dangers of YouTube Using Cell Phone Spyware

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Protect Your Kids.jpgOne of the most important things you can do when you have installed a cell phone spyware on your child’s phone is to monitor what YouTube videos he or she is watching. If you haven’t thought about the necessity of knowing what your child is watching on YouTube, then you’re allowing your child’s innocent mind to be corrupted by the many harmful content this video sharing website has.

While it’s true that YouTube is an amazing and creative medium where people can showcase their talents, it also has a lot of content that young people must not be exposed to. In YouTube, you will find a lot of videos that promote binge drinking, drug abuse, and perhaps the worst of all, pornography. No parent would allow their children to have access to all this content, which is why learning how to spy on someone is important for parents.

How Parents Can Ensure the Safety of Children Using YouTube

  • Create your own YouTube account.

It’s easy and it doesn’t cost anything to create an account in YouTube. This step is necessary if you want to be familiar with how this video sharing platform works, and how your child might be using it.

  • Explore your child’s YouTube account.

You should find out if your child didn’t lie about his or her age when they created their YouTube account. The required age for creating an account in this website is 18+. If your child is younger than that age and he or she has a YouTube account, this serves as a warning sign that your child might be viewing content they aren’t supposed to view.

  • Restrict your child’s access to YouTube.

It’s important for all parents to not give their young kids unrestricted access to the Internet. Although you cannot totally deprive your child of his or her freedom to enjoy the Internet, they need to be responsible enough to use it. Set a policy regarding the amount of time they can use the Internet at home. This can be helpful in reducing their exposure to inappropriate content.

  • Teach your child how to use YouTube.

If you want your child to be responsible in using the Internet and websites like YouTube, you need to be the one to teach them that. There are many videos you and your family can enjoy watching, and this could be quality time spent with your family as well.

  • Use cell phone monitoring software.

Just like how do you spy on text messages, you can spy on the other activities your child is having online. By installing Highster Mobile spyware on your child’s mobile device, you can view which websites are frequently visited, as well as what content (images and videos) are being watched by your children.

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