Six Things to Know Before You Switch to an Android From an iPhone

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Android From an iPhone.jpgYou may have previously been a huge Apple devotee but for whatever reason you 've decided to switch to Android. You 're not alone. A large number of Apple users and Android users aren 't exclusively bound to one camp. In many cases, the phone you buy could be situational. One generation, you might be enticed by what Samsung 's cooking. Another, you 're back to using Apple.

But enough about that. Switching from an iPhone to an Android isn 't exactly a novel experience. But if you 're not prepared, it can sometimes be an disorienting experience. Here 's a few things you may want to keep in mind before you switch from an iPhone to an Android and what you should expect before you make the switch.

Not All Androids Are Created Equal

The fact that dozens of companies manufacture phones running the Android operating system is equal parts liberating and overwhelming. Unlike Apple, the one thing you will have to keep in mind is that not all Androids are created equal. Just because one company happens to manufacture an Android phone doesn 't mean it offers the same wealth of features or the same quality as an Android from another company. So when purchasing an Android phone, you will want to ensure that you know what you 're getting into. In general, manufacturers like Samsung and Blackberry are your best bet. Research your phone carefully before purchasing it and review industry reviews if you 're not entirely familiar with the world of Android phones. You should also try to see if the Android version is the latest and allows installation of text message spy apps.

Navigating the Operating System

While the Android operating system isn 't exactly rocket science, it can still be confusing to figure out, especially if you 've never used one before. For all of its faults, the iOS operating system is designed to be as intuitive as possible. Spend time playing around with your Android.

Watch Out For Permissions

Just like with an iOS device, you 'll want to be careful about the apps, like spyware for cell phones that you download. Always review app permissions carefully before allowing an app to stay around. If an app is asking for permissions that don 't make sense (such as a simple drawing app asking for access to all of your contacts even when there 's no option to share drawings with your contacts), there 's a good chance the app may be spyware. Delete the app promptly.

Install Anti-Virus

It would serve you well to install anti-virus on your Android. You can also install text message spy app iPhone on your own phone so you can recover it in case it gets lost. While that 's certainly an option with an Apple device, it 's especially imperative when it comes to an Android when you consider the number of malicious programs out there that you will need to watch out for. There are plenty of amazing, free antivirus programs out there that you can download.


The nice thing about using an Android is that you won 't have to jailbreak your phone just to customize the look and feel of your phone. It 's one of the best features of the Android platform. You can easily customize the layout and appearance of your main menus, customize how your phone behaves and more, making Androids especially liberating for anyone who feels that their Apple device fails to deliver in certain areas.


Since Androids are so widely used around the world, the variety that the Android platform offers is incredible. There are plenty of apps and features unique to the Android line. Even without considering how easy it is to customize your phone, using an Android phone can be freeing when you consider that you 're not limited to a narrow collection of apps and features established by Apple. Androids are improving every day and when taking the sheer variety and functionality of most Android devices, it 's little wonder that Android has taken the world by storm.

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