Spy Mobile Apps for Unexpectedly Horrifying Situations That Need Urgent Actions

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urgent-actions.jpgYou should have a spy mobile app installed in your phone for unexpected horrifying situations like that of Tina and her daughter Sonja. Tina is a colleague from work and shares to us that one time her daughter engaged in a meet-up with someone who she constantly converse with over the phone.

Text mate gone wrong

Nothing is more alarming than knowing your child 's safety is at risk. It has struck me that what happened to my colleague 's daughter can transpire to anyone. Sonja is a 14 year old teenager who 's a perfect example of a digitally influenced individual. Like any other teen girls, she considers her phone as the most personal item. Cell phone has taken over most of her attention. While others are busy surfing the net for latest trends or posting selfies on social networking sites using their mobile phones, Sonja was engrossed on texting. I am not sure if it was hype or something but she seemingly sacrificed a lot of her time doing it. She was hooked on this "text mate" thing; she lost focus on her studies even interacting with her friends. Her emotions were turmoil, as Tina describes. It didn 't take long when Tina confronted Sonja about the whole thing but her daughter assured that nothing "too serious" is happening. She didn 't want to make her feel deprived so she set aside every apprehension and trusted Sonja. She was afraid of being too uptight towards her teen that she allowed Sonja to continue whatever she does.

Though Tina has a spyphone called Highster Mobile installed on her phone that allows info extraction from Sonja 's mobile activities just in case urgent situations call for it, she often times neglect its usage because of work constraints. Not until a month after the confrontation, while at work, I could vividly remember how frantic Tina looked when she received her daughter 's call for help. She hurried out to save Sonja from her "text mate"; little did we know that it was on that particular day when her teen decided to meet up with the supposed text mate who happens to be a pedophile. The said meeting went scarier when the man tried to forcefully take Sonja with him. The poor teen fell into the perpetrators false self-description. Fortunately she ran off and called her mom.

How cell phone spy apps helped rescue

You could imagine who panicky Tina was while heading to a coffee shop where Sonja hid as she ran off after the horrifying meet up. She could not contain her anger towards the man; her mind was wandering elsewhere and hands were shaking while driving. Good thing she has a spyware for iphone that enabled her to locate Sonja via GPS. It was a big help since she could barely think given the situation.

Then and there Tina realized how important going over cell phone activities, specifically text messages of Sonja. She had the chance to back read messages even deleted ones and understood how Sonja 's vulnerability got the best of her. Not only that, this app allows access to calls, social media accounts, browser history even frequently web searches which could be used as evidences on whatever interests her daughter. A similar app that not only monitors but also recovers deleted data on mobile called DDI Utilities is also something I consider installing. As I learned a lot from Tina 's experience, it would be best to be cautious at all times with the help of spy apps.

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