How to Spy On Someone 's Phone Without Touching It: Parenting Guide

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How to Spy On Someone 's Phone Without Touching It Parenting Guide.jpgAll dangers considered on gadget (as well as internet) usage of children, parents always find ways on how to spy on someone 's phone without touching it. What practical way to do so than have applications that can be installed on either mobile or computer; whichever preferred. These apps or commonly known as "spy apps", have been coined as parenting guide given this age of rapid technological influence.Here is a list of spy applications that have been noteworthy over the past years:

  • Highster Mobile
  • DDI Utilities
  • Auto Forward (NO JAILBREAK for Apple users! Click for more product assessment)

Developers have never been prouder that such invention has increasingly steered parental duties by providing answers on daily whereabouts of children, no matter the distance.

Depressing Starters

The moment you step foot at home, inside the car, or elsewhere with your kid, does she try to converse or is she too busy going over her mobile almost forgetting the "real world"? Worse, do you know what activities she engages in behind that screen? If your answers plainly connote negatives then you have some serious problem.

Depressing as it may sound, this is something most parents are going through. With everything accessible using phones/computers and internet, children are overlooking the importance of real-time connections or interactions, per say. This is also the exact reason why the need to utilize apps that can spy all mobile doings of children—call, web searches, app downloads social media engagements and of course, texting being the most common.

So if ever you are in the look for a specific app online, research on either of three mentioned earlier or better yet rifle the web on Best Cell Phone Spy Apps site for reviews on how to read someone else 's text messages without their phone.

Online Monitoring

To be clear, all spy apps do monitoring online. This means that internet is essential on both user and target phones as information gathering and reporting will be done remotely. The following info is accessible via over-the-air:

  • old and deleted text messages, iMessages (for iPhone users)
  • calls
  • photos/videos
  • browser history
  • emails
  • GPS location
  • socialnetworking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • installed applications/ games

Spying is possible without children knowing you have access to their phones, but it would be ethical to let them be aware of such usage. Same goes true with employers who are utilizing spy apps.

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