Spy Tracker Phone: Cell Phone Safety Tips for Teens and Tweens

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spy-tracker-phone-cell-phone-safety-tips-for-teens-and-tweens.jpgFact: if you are thinking of buying your child his or her own cell phone, you should also consider reading a couple of spy tracker phone to choose the right monitoring software for your child’s phone.

Long gone are the days when kids were happy just to be able to go outside to play with their friends. Today, parents of teenagers and tweens are pressured to provide their children with their own mobile devices because it honestly seems like everyone else has one. However, this is not a very easy decision for parents to make. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • 75 percent of teen drivers admit to texting while driving.
  • 28 percent of teens admit to be engaged in exchanges of malicious images and videos vis their cell phones.
  • 47 percent of tweens use dating apps to meet other people.

“Mom/Dad, when can I have a smartphone?”

If your teen hasn’t asked you this question, don’t be too confident because you’re likely to get it anytime soon. And if your child does ask you to give him or her a cell phone, don’t say NO right away. You also need to consider how your child feels about it. The best thing you can actually do is make your child understand how to properly use such mobile device. You also need not worry about your child’s safety because there are tools like cell tracker spy software reviews.

What’s really important is that you set some clear ground rules that your child must agree to in order for them to own a smartphone. Below you will find a sample ‘contract’ that you can have your teen sign.

Cell Phone Contract for Teenagers

  • I don’t have legal ownership of this smartphone. My awesome parents are generous enough to allow me to use this device.
  • No material thing in this world is free. This phone costs money. The ability to use this phone also costs money. Thus, I must do whatever it takes to be deserving of this privilege.
  • I will not go beyond my limit for monthly texts or calls.
  • I have full responsibility of this phone. I will take care of it, and if I break it, I will be the one to replace it.
  • I will always act responsibly and will never use this device to harm others people.

Since your teen already has an awareness of how cell phones can be used, it is also good that you include the following in your contract:

  • I will never send hurtful or mean text messages.
  • I will not use this device to humiliate other people, even those that I dislike.
  • I will not call or text after 9PM.
  • I will refrain from sending and receiving inappropriate photos, videos, or text messages.
  • I will always give more time to my studies than this cell phone.
  • I will abide by the school policies regarding the use of cell phones in school.
  • I will never text while driving.
  • I will not make any purchases online unless my parents approve of it.
  • If my grades get lower, I will give up this phone.
  • I do not oppose my parents’ decision to install a cell spy tracker on this phone.

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