Starting The New Year With Highster Mobile Cell Phone Spy App Is Starting The New Year Right

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spy camera cell phoneWhat will you do to ring in the new year? A night out with friends, a quiet dinner at home, or will you bravely head to Times Square to watch the famous ball drop live? However you choose to ring in the new year, you 'll want to do it safely.

Safety is the number one reason that people purchase cell phone monitoring software. Many people think they 'll never need it, and then suddenly, situations change.

You 're a parent of a teen now – a teen with a cell phone. Remember when you first gave your daughter her first cell phone? She responded to all your calls and texts. She was such a good daughter. Now you 're lucky if you get a text back once a day.

You 're an employer who ended the year 2015 in the red, and it 's your responsibility to find out the reasons why. Employee benefits too expensive? Sales were low? Or maybe it was that one rogue employee who is suddenly slacking, and using a company-issued mobile phone to play Bejeweled Blitz. Any negative impact on the bottom line is just that – a negative impact.

Safety is parents and employers number one concern. For parents, it 's the love of his or her child. For employers, a healthy bottom line and the well-being of their employees make or break their businesses.

A cell phone spy app with a spy camera cell phone like Highster Mobile can help both parents and employers start the year off safely. Everyone wants to start 2016 in a safe and productive manner, and Highster Mobile can most definitely help.

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Here are just some of the powerful features that it offers:

SMS Text Messages

Every text messages sent or received is stored even if the log history of messages is deleted. Text messages are very popular mode of information exchange and kids prefer text messages over voice calls. Can you imagine any teen not texting these days? They live on their phones! If you want to know what 's happening in a teen 's life, look at his or her text messages. Even the deleted texts can be viewed.

Social Media Monitoring

Any activity on a variety of social media sites, like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter can be monitored. All the content, including status updates, photos and videos, can be viewed.

GPS Location

GPS feature of Highster Mobile constantly gives out the location of phone every five minutes. It is a useful tracking feature which is helpful for parents worried about where their kids whereabouts.

Live Control Panel

Highster Mobile 's extremely sophisticated control panel not only has advanced features to track every aspect of the target phone. It is also designed with ease of use in mind.

Call Logs

All incoming and outgoing numbers are tracked and logged along with its time and duration of call. This powerful feature of Highster Mobile is the most used function among the users. Monitoring and recording of outgoing and incoming calls from the target phone is among the most fundamental expectations from a mobile phone tracking software.



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