Stop Your Employees from Texting and Driving in your Company Car

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texting (1)If you 're like a lot of modern bosses, then you 've probably given your employees smartphones to help facilitate their duties. You may also have provided one or two of them with a company car. That is both fine and dandy unless you forgot to do one other thing: install a mobile monitoring program on their smartphone to monitor their calling and texting habits while they’re driving the company car.

Everyone these days is using their cell phones while driving-maybe even you. But if your employee is doing it with your phone and in your vehicle, they could cause a very serious accident-one that could ultimately destroy your company.

People today just don 't take the dangers of texting and driving seriously. Look around you. At any given moment on the road, you are guaranteed to see someone looking down at their mobile device or chatting away on it-oblivious to the world around them. Sure, they think they are in full control, but the truth is that they are not. How can one seriously operate a 3,000-pound machine 100% properly when they 've divided their attention between the vehicle and their cell phone? It 's up to you to make sure that your employee doesn 't do this. And here 's how: install a high-quality mobile surveillance app like Highster Mobile, Auto Forward or SurePoint mobile monitoring today.

Highster Mobile, Auto Forward and SurePoint are three of the top-selling spy device for cell phone on the market. They are all very reliable and come highly regarded. Thousands of managers and business owners use these apps to monitor their employees ' smartphone use. They use the apps to not only check the texts, emails, websites, social media activity and pictures being accessed on their company devices, but to also locate their "missing" employees, and to protect the company from hackers, scammers and other criminals.

One of the benefits for employers who have a travelling workforce is that they can makes sure that their employees aren 't smartphone-ing and driving. These apps allow the user to access the targeted devices ' dashboard for real-time monitoring. If they catch someone abusing their cell phone privileges, then they can confront the worker and put a stop to it.

Don 't look at it as spying. It 's a business ' right to monitor their employees. Almost every corporation has a watchdog program for their desktops, Internet and phone LANlines. Now, they 're taking the same precautions with their mobile devices-and you should too!

SurePoint, Auto Forward and Highster Mobile spy equipment cell phones programs are all completely discrete. The users of the targeted devices will never know you are monitoring them. They are also very affordable and come with no hidden costs or monthly fees.

Don 't let your employees be the cause of a horrible traffic accident, because they were too busy looking at their smartphones. Install one of these top-rated spy cell phones apps today and save not just your bottom dollar ... but a few lives as well.


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