Weighing Pros and Cons of iPhone and Android Spy Apps

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Pros and Cons of iPhone.jpgModern technology has offered so much to our world. With the wide variety of gadgets and innovations that have been created, people around the world have benefited so much from it. One of the best innovations considered by man is the creation of these iPhone and Android spy apps which allows a person to keep track of the phone user and his or her phone activities. Through the help of the GPS tracking system, one can get specific locations and distances of the phone user anytime and anywhere. Other information such as call logs, text message history, photos or videos shared and web histories can be obtained through these spy apps. As a matter of fact, some advanced features include the ability to listen to phone conversations made on the mobile device.

Negative Connotations for Spy Apps

The creation of these mobile spy apps is not necessarily on the aspect of invading a person 's privacy but more in the aspect of simply monitoring phone activities and the people coming in contact with the phone user. But this has been a major drawback for the mobile phone-tracking industry since some people doubt the possible outcome of spy app usage. It has been claimed that using geo-location information is an invasion of a person 's privacy. These spy apps do not only locate cell phone specifications but have the ability to exploit the information and go further than just mere spying.

Some are uncomfortable with the fact that others could get a detailed insight into the private lives of mobile customers. However, some cell phone monitoring software companies suggest that a proper consent should be done before an installation of a spy app. It should be made in an ethical manner on which the phone user must be able to know and be aware that his or her phone activities will be watched for the sole reason of ‘monitoring ' in order to maintain safety and security.

Brighter Side of Spy Apps

Not only spy apps allow you to monitor phone activities such as call or text messaging logs, web histories and photos or videos shared but it can also give you the chance to locate a phone if it has been lost. The monitoring software 's built-in GPS receiver can give you information of the current location of the phone in case you are the forgetful type. You can easily retrieve your phone in just one click. Aside from this, you can also avoid getting lost and find your way to that meeting you need to attend to on time. Through the help of GPS data and mobile mast triangulation, your present location can be recognized and will be capable of receiving a signal. Yes, spy apps might have some minor disadvantages, but there is no denying that these apps could be far advantageous to a person 's life and welfare too.

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