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How To Check Location History On iPhone?

how to check someone's location history on iphone

If you want to know your recent locations iPhone can show them. Almost all Apple devices, including watches, have built-in location tracking services. Using cell towers, GPS, Bluetooth, and even open wi-fi hotspots help these devices in finding where you are on maps.


Location History On iPhone

Users can check their current location and see a whole location history.

All to do is:

  • Open settings;
  • Select ‘Privacy’;
  • Then ‘Location Services’;
  • Choose ‘System Services’;
  • and finally ‘Significant Locations’;

Here a device stores all data about places you have been. To see them on maps, tap on a place user are interested in. Then you briefly can see when and where this device was.

Here it is possible to clear an iPhone tracking location history by scrolling down and tapping on Clear History. Or a user can turn off recording by switching the toggle on Significant locations.

Do I Need To Turn It Off?

Actually, Apple does receive none of these data. Your locations can be seen only by apps you allow do so. If you didn’t give any permission, none of the apps would have any information.

Significant Locations on iOs

The government has strict guidelines on people’s privacy. And no company can violate them without getting sanctions. That’s why even if you allow a restaurant recommendations app see where you are, it would get your location history via an encrypted connection. So no one can see it.

On the other hand, providing apps with recent locations on iPhone helps to have better ads on and recommendations. For example, a discount searching app would not help without knowing your favorite stores. For knowing it, the app should have information on where you are.

Can IPhone Tracking Location History Be Used Against Me?

Location History On iPhone

In most cases, it can’t. All apps on Apple Store are completely safe because Apple is responsible for software that users can download from it. The only apps that can spy on you, are ones downloaded directly from the internet. However, installation is impossible without jailbreak. So, if your device has no jailbreak it means you are safe and there is no need of turning off location history recording.

How To Find My IPhone Location History On Google Maps?

Google works with location data much better in comparison to Apple. It tracks the exact location, collects location history, and tracks internet activities as well. And all these for showing every user the most relevant ads he or she needs. That’s why Google is the world leader in internet marketing. And since you can find Google Maps in the Apple Store, it is completely safe and no third-party will get your data.

How to find my iPhone location history? Even easier than using standard Significant Locations feature. Just open Google Maps and select ‘Saved’ on the bar below. Here is all information on where you were, liked places or marked (on Google Maps), stores, hotels, restaurants, and other visited facilities. Here you can also add places you want to visit.

Find My IPhone Location on Google Maps

To see a chronology of a location, just tap My Chronology. Then you can check the location history directly on a map. You can switch between different periods and see statistics on how much you have traveled in a certain period.

If you want to clear the location history Google Maps also allows it. Just tap on three dots in the right top corner and tap delete data on the selected period. That means you can also wipe tracking information for certain days.

To clear all the history just go back into ‘saved’, then tap on the three dots and open settings. Here you scroll down and select ‘Clear History’. Then all the information about your traveling will be erased from the device and cloud services as well.

Google also allows completely shut down tracking services so it won’t even know the current location. Turn it off in Geodata and Locations History menus.

You might turn off Google Maps notifications and emails if they are annoying. Then scroll up and switch toggles. After that there won’t be any emails with your travel summary.

Google maps have one advantage. You can see a location history not only for the device but for an account. Then it is possible to check it using PC or Mac via an internet browser.

Can I See The Location History Of Another Device?

The most effective way of being sure that your child is safe is knowing an exact location. That’s why every smartphone manufacturer including Apple provides users with built-in parental control services. And parental control services usually include location tracking. So, you can set your child’s iPhone to send all data about device use and location to your phone, so a parent can check if everything is ok at any moment. But iPhones’ parental control is extremely limited.

To track another device you can use antiviruses with parental control features. Not only protect your child from explicit and adult content but also show where your child’s is on a map. It is possible to check his iPhone location history completely depending on an antivirus.

Is It Legal For Apple To Collect My Location History?

According to the law, location history is personal information. So, no one can force you to share it or get it without your permission. That’s why Apple has done a great job developing IOS that protects location data from leaking out. So, even the Apple company cannot get it.

Apple To Collect My Location History

On the other hand, apps you download from Apple Store can get access into your location history. Still, without an agreement, it is impossible to do. That’s why there is always a need to tap ‘allow’ to start an installation of apps. Next time installing any application pay attention to what access an app needs. There, in most cases, you can see places history listed as well as more permissions.


Every modern phone has its built-in location tracking and history features. Apple iPhone is not an exception. It always knows where a user was which helps a lot with traveling, emergencies, and knowing about sales or events around. You can see your iPhone location history in settings and it is visible only for a user and apps with a permission. These data are your personal, so it is possible to delete them forever if you want or save them.

Some apps are also tracking users’ location. Still only with permission. The most known one is Google Maps. With it you can fast an easy check location history not only for your iPhone but any other device.

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