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How To Use SMS Tracker without Access To Target Phone [Android & iPhone]

track sms Android & iPhone

Recently, we got a message from our reader asking to help out. In particular, they were worried about their aged relative who suffers from progressive age-related dementia. The ultimate question was is it possible at all to get remote access to the senior’s smartphone to monitor how they are doing?

It is pretty possible, yes. There are special SMS trackers you can use to monitor the device from the distance without getting in the way of all default smartphone features. Let’s take a more detailed look at such solutions.


SMS Tracker – What Is It?

An SMS tracker is a piece of mobile software that allows you remotely access text messages, messenger chats, as well as email and social media on the target device in the silent mode. On top of that, some solutions even grant access to web browser history, phone book, and device relocation statistics.

SMS Tracker

In order to get a hold of all that info, you simply need to have the app installed on the target device and register a respective account on the official site of the app where you can monitor everything via your user cabinet. All the actions will be completely anonymous at that.

SMS Trackers for Android, iOS, & Blackberry Devices

There are both freeware and more advanced paid SMS tracking solutions available to choose from. Overall, there are two major ways you can use this software on the target device:

  • Via direct phone access;
  • Via non-direct phone access.

Obviously, the first type is an ultimately more accessible and easier way to go about these things.

SMS trackers Android device

SMS Tracker on Android


Gizmoquip is an efficient solution to help you track SMS, MMS, as well as the messenger and chat messages. It also provides a bunch of additional capabilities, such as identification of geolocation of the device in real time and access to the phone book.

Spyzie Sms Tracker

Spyzie is a tracker with spying features in mind that allows you to view all the data stored on the target smartphone via your own user cabinet. It can help you locate the device as well.

SMS trackers for iPhone

SMS trackers for iPhone

This here solution for iOS devices claims that it can enable you to get into others’ smartphones without direct, physical access to them. All the common efficient spying capabilities are available here, too – you can locate your phone via GPS, view all types of messages, and get into accounts.

Notice, this software isn’t iOS exclusive anymore and you can use it on Android and Blackberry devices as well.

Unless you’re using the mentioned solutions for the purposes of a parent control, getting unauthorized access to strangers’ devices through SMS trackers is illegal. So make sure you only have clear, good intentions in mind when you decide to use such software.


These are the most common SMS trackers you can use right now. If you have any questions on the topic or if you wish to share your experience of using such solutions, go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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