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How To View History On iPhone?

View History On iPhone

Users are increasingly using Safari on Apple devices to find information of interest. Such a web program is built-in and does not require additional searching or downloading. Many owners have difficulties when they want to view history on iPhone.

The search data allows you to save path to useful sites and find them as quickly as possible. Clients are worried because the used links of the search program do not guarantee the preservation of confidential data. The desire to hide their personal intelligence from strangers makes users think: “How to look up history on iPhone?”

How To View History On iPhone In Search Engine?

Today we have simple advice for people who use the Safari web program on their Apple gadgets. We provide an algorithm for how to check history on iPhone. Both methods are very simple and understandable to any Apple client.

Method One

The algorithm for viewing recently opened pages:

  1. Launch the program. Then click the access icon to open the tabs. Such icon is located at the very bottom right.
  2. Press and hold the “” button in the menu bar at the bottom of the program. A new window with the option “Recently closed tabs” should appear after a while.
  3. Now we can select the page of interest from the list and open it in a new tab. Just click the “Finish” button if you have not chosen such a solution.

Method Two

Go to your browser if you want to access all recently opened pages. Click the book icon in the bottom bar of the browser to do this. Select the History tab in a new window. We can see all visited sites or remove the contents on the devices now.

How To Search History On iPhone After Deletion?

Users should be aware that deleting web transitions on the gadget does not clear the used site path in iCloud. Such a manipulation allows you to access deleted information and view history on iPhone.

Link intelligence is saved in iCloud if the client enables the option to synchronize Safari web transitions between devices. This also applies to the browser history on iPhone. Removing this type of record from the gadget level does not mean its disappearance from Apple servers.

Link information is only removed from iPhone, iPad, or Mac connected to the same user account.

You must restore the gadget to factory settings (or use new equipment) and log in to your client ID to access the browser history on iPhone, including “deleted” pages. Users who want to protect their privacy can turn off the synchronization of search engine data in order to protect records about website visits from third parties.

How To Hide Internet Addresses?

The addresses of previously opened sites in Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod quite often contain information that does not always need to be shared with anyone else. The reasons may be different.

hide browser history on the iPhone 

Deleting the browser history on the iPhone can be useful if on the eve of the holiday you were looking for a gift for your loved one and want to protect your search queries from his eyes. Your loved ones may have unnecessary suspicions if you constantly remove the entire search addresses of previously opened sites in.

Better to hide Internet addresses selectively. Not all link record is deleted, but the only individual path to sites and/or link groups with such cleaning option.

Let’s start by removing internet addresses to a specific site:

  • The first step is the opening of a search program;
  • Next, you should find “Bookmarks”;
  • The next target is the History tab;
  • Check out the list of sites we recently visited;
  • Find the line with the name of the site, the link to which must be removed from such list;
  • Swipe left on it;
  • The red Delete button should appear on the right. You must choose her. The following browsing history on iPhone will be displayed without unnecessary links.

Removing links one at a time is troublesome. It’s easier to clear the list of internet addresses for a certain period. IOS has a special feature for this:

  • Your goal is Bookmarks;
  • The next step includes selecting the “History” tab;
  • The “Clear” button will appear at the bottom of the screen and you must select it;
  • In the menu that appears, select one of four options: Last Hour, Today, Today and Yesterday, and All Time.

Path to sites and cookies are removed not only on one device. The list of search data will also be deleted on a gadget that is linked to your iCloud account through the same Apple ID.

You can immediately enable the private browsing mode. This will allow you not to waste time deleting links in the future. Click the far right button at the bottom of the browser screen to complete the operation. Then select the “Private access” tab, which will appear on the left.

How To Hide Links And Cookies Using Wondershare SafeEraser?

You can use a special program for high-quality cleaning of the search record. What you need:

  • Your iPhone;
  • USB cable;
  • Wondershare SafeEraser.

Wondershare SafeEraser is a professional tool designed for clients to permanently remove personal information or unnecessary data. Excluded data will never be returned or visible to anyone. The following are simple steps on how to use it.

Step 1

Download and Install Wondershare SafeEraser. Install it on your computer and run it. Connect your devices to your computer using a USB cable. You can see that your gadget will appear in the upper left corner of the main window if a connection is established.

Step 2

This step allows you to scan the gadget to view links and cookies on the iPhone. Click “Clear personal data” in the main window. This is necessary in order for your gadget to have a program for scanning all histories and cookies.

Step 3

You will see cache, links, and cookies after scanning. Select one of them to see the details. Check the details and click “Erase Now” to exclude the entire Safari history and Safari cookies.


Find history on iPhone is easy. There are many accessible and understandable methods. Each client of Apple technology can easily control the availability of their personal data. The simplest ways to hide the data about visited pages do not perform the deep cleanup. Some data and links are stored in the cloud storage for about a year.

Methods for thoroughly cleaning the list of links allow you to permanently exclude records. This option to clear the list of links allows you to maintain privacy on the Internet.

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